Have you ever had problems with recruitment process for your company?
We must proudly admit that we have been successfully offering recruitment services for 19 years. The experience that our company gained throughout that time enable us to improve our client’s performance cut costs and save valuable time. High efficiency of IDES bases on our consultants’ persistence dedication and skills. Such values always help them to find candidates convergent with our clients’ expectations. According to our policy the main key to fulfillment of our clients’ aims is to help them to find and employ competent and involved employees whose personality interacts with the client’s corporate culture.

  1. We guarantee optimization of the recruitment process through multi-direction
    activities and minimization of the recruitment mistake.
  2. The chosen candidates are covered by a special guarantee resulting from due diligence
    exercised in the process of their selection and evaluation.
  3. We negotiate terms and conditions and maintain the candidates' interest even in case of the most formal selection procedures binding in the companies.
  4. We guarantee absolute discretion.
  5. At each stage of recruitment we closely cooperate with the contractor.

IDES is recruiting employees who cooperates in creating and reinforcing of the enterprise’s market position in such departments as: trade, logistics, warehouse, projects, marketing, production, quality, development, IT, finance and personal.
We recruit employees for each type of post: executive, managerial, specialist, freelancers and assistants.

Apart from recruitments for the standard positions, we specialize in getting candidates for highly specialized positions in different industries and linguistic circles.

We have our own database of candidates.