About IDES

IDES Consultants Poland is a consulting company with international experience. Our company operates efficiently on the Polish market since 1996. The main goal of our enterprise is to create effective co-operation with various companies in order to facilitate their selection of qualified personnel, increase their development and improve professional skills. Our reliability descends from international experience and knowledge gained on the Polish market. We are able to solve problems effectively for enterprises of each size and branch. We have won the recognition of many companies from various industries: FMCG, pharmacy, engineering, architecture, furniture, textile, printing, telecommunication, financial, advertising etc. Methods implemented by IDES are supported by wide experience and knowledge of consulting and are always tailored to fit specific needs of the client. Such steps are crucial for us to achieve satisfying results and exceed expectations of our clients.

We advise for you to succeed!
Wirginia Gostomczyk
Chief Executive Officer


10 reasons why you should trust us:

  1. We know that human capital is the most important asset for every company.
  2. We know how to evaluate and optimize personnel potential.
  3. Our offer is comprehensive and covers all activities within the scope of personnel management.
  4. We efficiently use our experience in selecting HR tools and processes.
  5. We employ competent consultants and coaches.
  6. We provide trainings tailored to the individual needs of our contractors.
  7. We conduct the trainings ourselves following the individualized program.
  8. We closely cooperate with our customers at each level of project implementation.
  9. Each partner is provided with support by an experience project supervisor.
  10. We pay a lot of attention to price competitiveness.