Job description and evaluation

Job description.

  • Shows place and responsibilities assigned to a given position in the company's organizational structure
  • Establishes actual and optimal scope of responsibilities assigned to particular positions
  • Adapts responsibilities to actual requirements assigned to a given position
  • Shows and defines the possibilities of professional improvement and development in the company

Evaluation of job positions allows better management of the company

  • Job evaluation in made on the basis of a set of defined criteria, which include specificity of a given organization
  • Evaluation is a process consisting in estimation of the level of work complexity performed on the basis of the specified criteria
  • Analysis and random sampling allows to present the value of positions by way of numbers, which makes it possible to compare them and given them a certain value in the company's organizational structure
  • Allows to save time and easily estimate new value of a given position in case of necessity to change the scope of responsibilities

Thanks to IDES the organizations are able to:

  • Introduce valuable and logical methodology closely cooperating with other HR processes within the organization
  • Precisely establish criteria for job description and evaluation, taking into account not only the company's specificity, but also working conditions of employees
  • Objectively evaluate the positions in order to prepare the best position hierarchy
  • Create efficient and objective remuneration policy based on scale of work rates, clear and easy to understand for each employee