What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process of improving the competences. It is based on partnership and reciprocal trust. It enables people to fulfill they expectations to be who they really want and do the best they can. It consolidates the company not only through the individual development of competences but also through creation of appropriate attitudes. Each effect acquired today is increased and contributes to the future growth of effectiveness.

The main idea of coaching is to help people execute changes in the way they expect and to assist them in following towards the best direction. Coaching highlights and improves the best in people.

The coaching system proposed by IDES takes into account the fact that the worker’s/manager’s behavior is influenced not only by such factors as knowledge and skills. What is also crucial here is: the system of beliefs, deeply rooted thinking, habits of behavior, hierarchy of values, sense of identity and the sense of balance between private and professional life. Each of the factors mentioned above can increase or deteriorate works’ efficiency. In the same way we manage our emotions and build relations with others.

Coaching is helpful tool to realize the behavior which seems pointless. It’s a starting point for creation of new solutions. This process leads to a quick and permanent modification.