Direct Search

Direct Search method is the best way to search for specialists with a particular experience, competences and knowledge in the branch of our client. Candidates who are acquired through this method are not only top-class professionals but they are also a guarantee of fulfillment of the client’s expectations.

Direct Search service contains:

  1. analysis of tasks and competences essential for a work post;
  2. identification of potential candidates from a given sector;
  3. execution of interviews with candidates;
  4. collection of references;
  5. presentation of the best candidates with their characteristics;
  6. guarantee.

In the direct search method our consultants support themselves with IDES candidates’ database and job advertisements. The aim of such actions is to be efficient and terminable within the whole recruitment process.

Thanks to a great number of years of experience in business and a high quality of service candidates willingly send us their applications. As a consequence our database is filled with over 100.000 up to date applications.